About Us

Taverna NL is a Netherland based food company offering complete solutions for wholesalers, retailers, food importers, and manufacturers. Our network of contacts and years of experience enables us to offer a vast range of competitively priced food products and accommodate the most discerning customers.
Our pour aims are: Quality, Flavor, Price and Service.

Taverna’s Vision

To enable the European customer to experience and enjoy value quality chilled Mediterranean products.

Our mission is to bring to the market customer tailored, high quality products in the best customer price possible. TAVERNAs products are manufactured in Europe by leading manufactures and go through strict quality control processes. TAVERNA has in place signed contracts with 3 leading manufacturers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands All factories operate under high standards and requirement such as: BRC, IFS ISO. All products are manufactured according to exclusive TAVERNA recipes and by high standards of quality and manufacturing control.

TAVERNA’s main activities are in these categories: Mediterranean Line, Olives & Tapenades and Classic Salads (under the Farmhouse brand)

Mediterranean line

Houmous (12 different kinds), Salsa, Tzatziki, Onion&Garlic, Guacamole and our famous around the Mediterranean plates.

Olives & Tapanads

Wide range of Olives from Greece & Morocco & Spain, Semi Sundried Tomatoes and the largest selection of Tapenades and Pesto.

Classic Salads - Farm House

Traditional Homemade salads under the "Farmhouse" brand (Coleslaw, Potato salad, Cheese salad, Woldorf salad, Smoked Salmon Tartar, White Cabbage with addings and Pasta salads to go) all made with our special receipes.