Taverna would like to introduce you to the scents and rich aromas of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean, a bland of tastes, blue seas and charming villages, inspired some history's greatest philosophers, writers and musicians. Taverna would like to take you there, to the picturesque villages, the beautiful sunsets and the culinary delights.
You can find under the Mediterranean line 12 kinds of our special Houmous and other Mediterranean dips.

the most popular dish in the Mediterranean region. Houmous is made from chickpeas and sesame paste and is extremely healthy, being rich in fiber, vegetable oil, minerals and vitamins. It can be served as a starter or eaten in pitta bread. We recommend serving it with olive oil, to enhance its flavor. Our collection contains a large range of different types of Houmous (12 to be exact).please click to see some of the verity.


The most popular snack in the Mediterranean. Vegetarian dumplings made from chickpeas .We recommend serving warm in a pitta bread with various dips.


The refined texture, the unique taste and all the important nutritious value in one Avocado salad.

Aubergine mayonnaise

This soft mixture of aubergine blended with creamy mayonnaise is the most served salad in the Mediterranean area.

Aubergine Caviar

Even the most humble vegetable can taste like a rich and famous dish.

Aubergine with spicy vegetables

A popular dish in the Greek cuisine - delicious and well flavored aubergine combined with spicy peppers and cucumbers.

Sour Cream & Chives

A traditional sauce, based on a creamy and rich yogurt with chives.


This Greek delicacy is a yogurt base dressing combined with vegetables and herbs. Used as a sauce for vegetables, meat, salads and falafel or eaten with bread.


A classic Greek dish. Made from fish roe (cod or carp), this is a creamy starter eaten with bread or fish.


Enter a world of authentic flavors and colors inspired by world cuisine. Take a little piece of an exotic world home with you – or even to your office. Our Mezzes can be eaten as a starter, a main course or a snack. They are a special treat for any occasion.