Taverna would like to introduce you to the scents and rich aromas of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean, a bland of tastes, blue seas and charming villages, inspired some history's greatest philosophers, writers and musicians. Taverna would like to take you there, to the picturesque villages, the beautiful sunsets and the culinary delights.
You can find under the Mediterranean line 12 kinds of our special Houmous and other Mediterranean dips.


 Lebanese Mezze - A perfect combination of Aubergine caviar,  
                          Houmous, Salsa and olives. Full of eastern charm.

Olive Mezze - A mouth watering combination of four kinds of Olives and Greek cheeses. Very healthy.

Greek Mezze - A mediterranean platter comprising tzatziki, Tarama, 
                          Greek Feta and stuffed Vine leaves. An ever popular classic.
Moroccan Mezze - A whirlwind of flavors: Spinach salad, Aubergine 
                          salad, Moroccan carrots, Pepper salad and preserved lemons.